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RICHARD EGAN - Due to unfortunate health issues, the original plan to undertake a coast to coast cycle ride had to initially be postponed and, with ongoing issues, cancelled. Not wanting to “let the side down”, my mind started wandering and wondering what could be done to replace the original plan.
It was than I recalled joining a former colleague a number of years ago, when she completed an abseil off the Miller’s Dale viaduct on the Monsal Trail. I spoke to a neighbour, who is a qualified outdoor activities instructor, who agreed to be our anchor man for this next one on 22nd July.
I roped in a local artist and helper of BV, to join me and since then, a neighbour and his step daughter are also looking to join us, in the hope of raising funds.

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Borderland Voices was founded in 1998 in Leek, Staffordshire and currently works across the Staffordshire Moorlands. Our aim is to promote mental health through the arts and to raise public awareness and understanding of mental health issues by delivering accessible arts projects and offering creative space for self-expression within a mutually supportive community.





To write what
I did not know I need to say.
To hear, to read,
to keep mad dogs at bay.

Freedom to listen unbiased
by cold chandler's
false indoctrination's wax.

Alive. Alight. Not lax.

Freedom to breathe out again
expel past pain
and smile, and live again.




On Sun 22nd July Richard & Zuleika are abseiling off the Millers Dale viaduct on the Monsal Trail to raise funds for BV. Please support them via or cash.

Throughout 2018 we intend various events to celebrate BV’s
20th birthday – quite a milestone.

Andy sent a calendar to Buckingham Palace, c/o a lady-in-waiting who replied when the group sent writing to honour the Queen’s 90th birthday. See reply from Sandringham House inside.

If you know of any possible sponsors for BV, please tell Andy.


The July 2018 newsletter has been added on the newsletter page (3/4/2018)

The 2016-17 Annual report has been added to the newsletter page

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Day at Dove Valley Centre – another visit on Tues 10th. To plan food & cars, please let Andy know a.s.a.p. if you’re coming.

Sun 22nd July: Richard & Zuleika abseil off the Millers Dale viaduct, Monsal Trail to raise funds for BV. Please support them. Online:; cash: to Andy; sponsor form: from Andy & ask friends; watch: 10am approx., short walk from Millers Dale station GR: SK138732/Post Code SK17 8SN

Remember the 70th birthday of the NHS on Thurs 5th July. We may have a mini-celebration at catch-up on 17th July.g