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wash bags

Marlene is sewing wash bags for the NHS. Staff coming off shift can safely bag uniform, ready for a hot wash


Writing from ‘virtual’ workshops

People are writing at home and exchanging their work via email (or good old-fashioned snail-mail, for those not on the internet).
Here are some recent short snippets:

Nature Is A Language,
Can’t You Read? (Mark)

Not yet, maybe never, but
I am content to learn
the letters, trace their shapes
and know that each page
will unveil a new joy and
that learning is the point
and understanding that I
might never understand
is the end.

Slow Dance (Dave)

Feather down from far aloft
drifted down touching soft
upon the water's soothing face
basking there within it's cool embrace.
A slow dance, ever down on deep
finding peaceful, dream lit sleep
slumbering yet in hushed repose,
safe the winds that ever blows.





















Although we can’t use our Home Base currently, we still pay rent and are supported by:
BV is so grateful for individual donations, large and small. Your contributions, made weekly until recently, are still helping to keep our services going although for now these are offered remotely via email and letter.


The May 2020 newsletter has been added on the newsletter page

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Our thanks to Bonnie who hosts the Zoom writing group Tuesdays 10.30am - 12 noon-ish. She has also offered to post collated writing to those not on the internet. All welcome on Zoom – contact Andy.

Participants have individual lists of group members to keep in touch with (phone, WhatsApp group, email, post, Zoom) as they prefer. Contact Andy to join in any way.

Contact Andy if you would like an art ‘starter pack’ (envelopes + post-card sized cards).
Please email photos of your art to Andy for future newsletters.
To contact Andy: email is easiest or work mobile (07760 138395) preferably using WhatsApp.

We are grateful to the Community Council of Staffordshire for funding Zoom & the work smartphone. We are also proud to announce a 2-year Lottery funded project – details next time.