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Our Richard is a Star!

Richard receiving his awardRichard recently won the Volunteering through Adversity award at Staffs Moorlands Volunteer Star Awards.









Whispers in the grass at the Dove Valley Centre

Whispers in the Grass was a free, public event as part of the Buxton Fringe Festival, supported by Buxton Museum and Art Gallery as part of its BM125 series of events, celebrating the museum’s 125th birthday, and by Borderland Voices (BV) from Leek

And we talked, scribbled, thought, laughed, ate cake and talked some more

A lot of our BV visitors are experienced poets and needed very little to set their thoughts to paper

These hills,
Buttress the sky,
Green mounds echo the sky
Draw rain into this deep valley
Its thirst
by Mary King

I am just a simple soul,
I don’t go in for complicated rigmarole.
To me a poem is something that rhymes
Although it doesn’t have to
At other times
It may just be beautiful, descriptive and uplifting.
A basic education allows for a shifting and drifting into, out of the box,
Unusual thinking, original, maybe crass
Sometimes its better than nice, precise
Taking more informed advice
I enjoy lots of things
Nature especially - yes and whispering grass.
It sounds poetic
And if it’s easy to verse
I will enjoy the experience of thinking it, crafting it, writing it, creating it,
That may not warrant a degree but it’s a first

from a report by Creeping Toad





















Richard recently won the Volunteering through Adversity award at Staffs Moorlands Volunteer Star Awards. Well done Richard!!

We’ve received small grants recently from the Masons, Leek Town Lands & Leek Rotary; our thanks to them all.

If you know of any possible sponsors for BV, please tell Andy.


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Richard’s photography sessions continue on occasional Wednesdays 2-4pm. Ask Andy for forthcoming dates.

The weather at the Dove Valley Centre was mixed, but we enjoyed writing with Sarah in some unusual formats and making mini ‘Whispers in the Grass’ books. For a few of the poems, visit Gordon’s blog and see ‘Voices from a Field’

People were initially hesitant about how to make pop-up cards, but Gavin brushed away doubts. Folk either combined the pop-up mechanisms with recycled cards or added their own illustrations, and were rightly pleased with the results.

The proposed bring-&-share BBQ courtesy of Bob & Jackie was rained off on July 30th. We hope for better weather on 6th August. Andy will make a final decision on Sunday 4th. Failing that, we’ll do something at Back Dane Cottage on 27th.