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Landscape work with Sarah

People depicted elements of the SW Peak landscape both in watercolour and collage. Sarah’s now going to put these together to form a kind of illustrated ‘map’ of the area.

Lady Lud 1 lady lud 2
Lady Lud 1 Lady Lud 2
Mermaid pool 1 Mermaid Pool 2
Mermaid Pool 1 Mermaid Pool 2
doxey pool hen collage
Doxey Pool Hen Collage
Roaches Collage Strip Fields
Roaches Collage Strip Fields
Band Stand  
Band Stand  







Throughout 2018 we intend various events to celebrate BV’s
20th birthday – quite a milestone.

Andy sent a calendar to Buckingham Palace, c/o a lady-in-waiting who replied when the group sent writing to honour the Queen’s 90th birthday. See reply from Sandringham House inside.

If you know of any possible sponsors for BV, please tell Andy.


The April 2018 newsletter has been added on the newsletter page (3/4/2018)

The 2016-17 Annual report has been added to the newsletter page

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Don’t forget Andy’s suggested twice-monthly evening drop-in sessions, possibly 2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 6-8pm,
provisionally called Craft, Cross-stitch, Colouring, Chat.
Please let her know if anyone is interested.
Our thanks to the Commissioner’s People Power Fund & Silver Social Action Fund (Staffs Community Foundation) which supported writing & art respectively until end March.
Our Official Opening (and launch of Pauline’s book) could take place in May, depending on the book’s publication date.
In bad weather, still ring about 10.15 to check Andy has arrived.
If you know of any possible sponsors for BV, please tell Andy. We’re always keen to find new ways to raise income.
Do consider coming to a meeting on 25th about a possible community project with international artist Sue Prince (see p2).