Borderland Voices a charity promoting Health and Well-being through the Arts



A Selection of Poems written at Borderland Voices



Eating Strawberries in November
by Pauline Heathcoate

Spending Time
by Pauline Heathcote

Life's a Maze
by Sheena Barnes

by Sue Gaukroger

Transport Problems
by Sue Gaukroger

Mother Earth
by Judith Gilchrist

It Was Meant to Be
by Judith Gilchrist

by Sheena Barnes

by Doreen Graham

Thinking of Down Days
by Sophie Barnes

Parody of Compassion by Susan Greehalgh

Washday Blues
by Susan Greehalgh

Competing With Conscience by Susan Greehalgh

There's a Hole...
by Sophie Barnes

Allotment days
by Sue Gaukroger

Do Not Linger Here
by John Bradshaw

by Sue Gaukroger

Gradbach Chapel
by Steve

Its April
by Sue Gaukroger

by Bev

The Man in the Mirror
by Paul Brady

The Power in My Head
by Deb Hollins

The Fear in Ink
by Joe Rennie

Tiles on the Roof
by Sheena Barnes

An Astronaut Searches...
by Sheena Barnes





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Borderland Voices is immensely grateful for individual donations, large and small, and for the regular contributions which participants make each week. Until we can bring in more grant money, your support is helping to keep our services going.

If you know of any possible sponsors for BV, please tell Andy.


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I’m delighted to report that our Chairman Bob has had his operation and has made an excellent recovery.

Which leads neatly to the Trustees’ Meeting on Monday 3rd February. If you want to raise anything, do speak to Mark, Bill or Paul (or indeed Andy).

Self-help art group: Thurs 10.30-12.30. All welcome.

We’ve been awarded £1,000 of Celebrate 25 Lottery funding (marking its 25th anniversary). Although this sounds a lot, it’s quite ring-fenced. It will fund 4 visits (with 2 artists on each occasion) in conjunction with other groups. So think about places you’d like to go and groups we might join up with.

We’ve received a small Cllr’s Community Initiative Fund grant from Cllr Lytton Page (Leek North).

We welcome back Gavin Bowyer for more art workshops.