Borderland Voices a charity promoting Health and Well-being through the Arts



A Selection of Poems written at Borderland Voices



Eating Strawberries in November
by Pauline Heathcoate

Spending Time
by Pauline Heathcote

Life's a Maze
by Sheena Barnes

by Sue Gaukroger

Transport Problems
by Sue Gaukroger

Mother Earth
by Judith Gilchrist

It Was Meant to Be
by Judith Gilchrist

by Sheena Barnes

by Doreen Graham

Thinking of Down Days
by Sophie Barnes

Parody of Compassion by Susan Greehalgh

Washday Blues
by Susan Greehalgh

Competing With Conscience by Susan Greehalgh

There's a Hole...
by Sophie Barnes

Allotment days
by Sue Gaukroger

Do Not Linger Here
by John Bradshaw

by Sue Gaukroger

Gradbach Chapel
by Steve

Its April
by Sue Gaukroger

by Bev

The Man in the Mirror
by Paul Brady

The Power in My Head
by Deb Hollins

The Fear in Ink
by Joe Rennie

Tiles on the Roof
by Sheena Barnes

An Astronaut Searches...
by Sheena Barnes





Throughout 2018 we intend various events to celebrate BV’s
20th birthday – quite a milestone.

Andy sent a calendar to Buckingham Palace, c/o a lady-in-waiting who replied when the group sent writing to honour the Queen’s 90th birthday. See reply from Sandringham House inside.

Our ‘neighbours’ on the ground floor of Bank House are Juniper who deliver training to young people aged 18-25. We’re invited to pop round to their Official Opening on February 13.

If you know of any possible sponsors for BV, please tell Andy.


The March 2018 newsletter has been added on the newsletter page (6/3/2018)

The 2016-17 Annual report has been added to the newsletter page

find us on facebook


Andy is considering regular, twice-monthly evening drop-in sessions, possibly 2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 6-8pm.
A free, informal, self-help group, it’s provisionally entitled
C4 (Craft, Cross-stitch, Colouring & Chat).
Please let her know if you or anyone you know might be interested, so she can gauge demand.

Thanks to freelance journalist Belinda Hargreaves, our letter from Sandringham House got a mention on Moorlands Radio.

We enjoyed looking round Juniper training’s premises, next door, on their official opening in February. Currently we’re planning our own Official Opening (and launch of Pauline’s book) in April.

In bad weather, ring about 10.15 to check Andy has arrived.

If you know of any possible sponsors for BV, please tell Andy. We’re always keen to find new ways to raise income.